Rotate on the Z axisE.g. nodding headShortcut: Z
Rotate on the X axisE.g. tilting headShortcut: X
Rotate on the Y axisE.g. turning headShortcut: Y
Move along the Y axisShortcut: M
Undo model changeShortcut: Ctrl + Z
Use the controls to move the model's limbs in different directions
Scene & Model Settings

Scene & Model Settings

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Free Anime Pose Reference Model

If you are into drawing or painting and you've ever watched anime, you've likely thought about the process of creating anime and you may have even thought about trying it out yourself. If you've ever tried to draw an anime character, you've probably realized how it is much different it is from drawing a regular person. For example, much of the proportions of anime characters differ a lot but there are also a lot of similarities to drawing realistic scenes. When it comes to the complex ways the body moves and interacts with objects, much of it works the same way whether you are drawing anime characters, cartoons, or realistic portraits. This is one of the reasons why most artists use pose references of some kind when drawing characters. One of the best kinds of pose references is adjustable mannequins which are figures that artists can use to create specific poses that they want to recreate. These mannequins originally existed mainly as wooden figures, but you can now use them on the internet as well. is one of the places you can go to use an online mannequin. SetPose offers many different mannequin models, like for example, two anime models. These anime models are the perfect pose reference model for anyone who wants to draw anime characters. Simply pick one of the preset poses in the pose preset list or adjust the body parts to create your own unique pose. After that, you can even change the size of certain body parts, change the colors, or change settings like the camera field of view. If you want to customize your scene even further, you can even select various props that the anime character can hold.

Anime reference pose with a sketched drawing

Anime reference pose with the ballet croisé pose preset uses Three.js and Mannequin.js
Anime model by ALexZ art